Living your life

So often we stay discipline and delay gratification so as to stay on track to Financial independence and retire early. It is a drive to speed up the process, a challenge to end the race, a way of life or to some is the only way.

We save, we cautious and we calculate every amount of money in and out so as to monitor our progress. We check on the bank interest rates on savings or fixed deposit and our investment portfolio performance diligently to seek, forecast and count down to that ultimate day where we met our goal of being financial independent in order to start living the life we ever wanted.

We change our spending habits, we restrict our lifestyle, we stay away from social and we convinced our self that all these sacrifices are worth it. Years went by, and that once vibrant personality had become a different person. Only to realised that the future are set to be tougher, and the global outlook seems to be more challenging as ever.

Our goal post had to be shifted further so as to add in more security for the future. This is the common reason to postpone ”living your life” for another few years. And this keep repeating. How many have the courage to start ”living your life” ? Or the important question is what kind of life you want to live before it is too late?

Do think about this. We might not have the direct answer now. But we must seek for the answer while we still can.



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