Your life.

Do you ever feel bad about the life you are leading? Or do you want that life others are leading? You wish your family to be wealthy, so that you can buy all the nice things you want without worry? Or you wish to have a pretty face like the girl you saw on the street where every men seems to be looking at?

Human have their own desires. And such desires brought about pain and unbalanced when we compare ourselves with others. We magnified our shortcomings and minimized our strong attributes while we envy and feel beaten.

All these happened internally in our mind which we thought nobody will notice. But the truth is, everyone around you noticed it and they either keep quiet, or they walk away from you. Why? Because you emit a negative energy field which people can feel it. And most people do not like negative. It resembles sadness and anger which are destructive to yourself and others.

So next time you feel negativity within you, at that very moment, it must be dealt with immediately. Either replace it with positive thinking, self assuring talking, or simply indulge in physical activities to divert the energy.

As we live this day of our life, we withdrawn a day from our ”life bank”. We do not know how many days we had in balanced. But we do know that we will never be able  to replaced this day into our ”life bank”.

How precious life can be? It is all that you ever have.


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