The Simple Life

The need for a simple life will arise for anyone at some point of their life. Mostly happened after a significant event took place which some how shaken up the person or direct him or her to develop a new perception of life.

Some people given up their best years in life working hard and gave whatever they can for something or someone but were still badly treated in the end. Some were betrayed, some choose to walk away, some stay on to fight, some do not have a second chance. All these heartaches are what we experience in life.

Our simple life, does not exclude heartaches and it too does not exclude happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, gratefulness which make our simple life not as simple but it is definitely worth everything.

Be grateful for the simple things in life, even to the smallest of all. There is nothing more worthy than life itself and we must rejoice while we still have a good grab of life. This is ”The Simple Life” to live.


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