Do you constantly felt that everyday is just a repetition or routine cycle where everything are almost predictable or as of expected? You know the subway will be packed with people but feared that the subway might breakdown, you keep trying to divert your frustration of the commute by browsing through your mobile phone for … Continue reading Granted



Give you a trillion dollars, with the only condition that you need to be all alone forever until death came upon. You can still buy and own all the luxuries in the world. But you only had yourself to enjoy. No one will be there for you. Not even animals or insects will be around … Continue reading Relationship

All journey starts with a destination.

Being born and raise on this sunny island, all citizens here understand the situation we are in from young. We are the smallest country around the region and the only resource we have is our people. Although we had done well for the past few decades but it does not mean we had grown significantly … Continue reading All journey starts with a destination.